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May 6, 2021
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Ear cones 2pz

BENEXÈ Ear cones are made from cotton fabric, paraffin and beeswax and work through the action of the heat that the cone develops when burning. BENEXÈ Ear cones are also equipped with a flame-breaking aluminium disc.

1) Insert the cone into the hole on the protective disc until it reaches the flame-breaking ring, keeping the silver part of the disc facing upwards.

2) Light the cone in the upper part, holding it in a vertical position with your hand.

3) Rest the head on a flat surface with the ear facing upwards, protect the hair and introduce the smallest part of the cone into the ear, superficially.

4) When the flame reaches the flame-breaking ring, extinguish the cone in a glass full of water. Repeat the treatment on the other ear.

The use of cones with children younger than 12 is not recommended.

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