Multidose eye drops 10 ml
May 6, 2021
Single solution for Contact lenses 500 ml + free lens case
May 6, 2021
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Single solution for soft contact lenses 100ml

Polyhexamethylene biguanide 0.0001 g, Sodium edetate 0.100 g, Methyloxirane polymer 1.00 g, Polyquaternium 2 0.006 g, Viscous and buffered isotonic solution at pH 7.2 a/r for 100 ml.

1. 5-7 minute Method
Wash and dry your hands thoroughly; Place the lenses in the special case; Fill with BENEXÈ single solution; Close the container carefully and leave the lenses immersed for at least 5-7 minutes;
Shake lightly before removing the lenses from the case; Rinse and clean, if necessary, with BENEXÈ single solution or with BENEXÈ saline solution before applying.
2. “DON’T TOUCH” method
Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly with a clean cloth; To avoid confusion, always start the treatment with the same lens; Remove the lens from the eye and place it on the palm of your hand adding a sufficient quantity of product to completely wet the lens; Gently rub both surfaces of the lens with a “back and forth” motion for at least 15-20 seconds, using a finger from the other hand; Rinse carefully and abundantly the lens with BENEXÈ single solution in order to remove all traces of deposits; Place the lens in the special container; Repeat the procedure for the other lens; Fill the container with the product up to the dosing line; Close the container carefully and leave the lenses immersed for at least 2-3 hours or overnight; Before wearing the lenses, rinse them with BENEXÈ single solution. ”

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